Grandma Barbre

Grandma Barbre welcomes you

and hopes that these recipes brings you as much joy as they did her, both in preparing and serving them.

We have finally managed to find (from somewhere, [just not sure where or when]) some time to update the site. We hope that you like the new layout. Don’t worry, all the great recipes are still here! Just have look around, you will see.

What better place to meet folks, share recipes and make new friends than the internet!!!

Yes again, it is the holiday season and all of us here wish you all the best and a joyous holiday season.

Grandma’s Favorites is a great place to find just that recipe that you need for that speacial party or family get togerther (boy do I remember those meals).

You can browse the recipes all you want, and if you have that SPECIAL recipe you would like to share with everyone, just add it in. Once it is has been reviewed, then everyone will be able to enjoy it.

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Thank you.