Grandma Barbre

Grandma Barbre

She was a farmer's wife and homemaker for 60 plus years. The mother of 11 children, which I am the eleventh. Grandma to 30 grandchildren, and 28 great-grand children. That is, at last count, because we're still counting.

She worked closely with the local chapters of the 4-H, FHA and FFA. She was elected county Mother of the Year in 1957 and district Home-maker of the Year in 1958.

She worked as a public school lunch room manager for 20 years before retiring. Where she consistently served the highest percentage of meals verses daily attendance of any other school in the system. One of her many achievements, was being elected "State Lunchroom Manager of the Year" in 1977 & again in '78. Also in 1978 she was the Southeastern Region winner and attended the nationals in New Orleans. Even though, she did not win the national title, she said, "I would not have traded my trip to New Orleans for anything."

The number of 1st Place Blue Ribbons, along with 2nd and 3rd place honors from county fairs, the Farm Bureau, and other functions are just too numerous to count. Needless to say, her years of experience in the kitchen makes her equally qualified to pass along these recipes to you.

If perchance, some of these recipes, look familiar to you. Look again, for she was well known for what she called her "recipe enhancement". Check the ingredients, check the stated amount for the ingredients, for one or more may be just a little bit different than you might think. There may even be something added or one removed, possibly an item substituted for another. Grandma liked to play with the recipes that she collected, until they met with her liking and taste.

These recipes compiled here and in future booklets, are just a few of her favorites that she has collected and/or created over the years.